The 112 National Emergency Number

Emergency number on land and at sea


112 is the single emergency number in Iceland, representing all the response parties to accidents, fire, crime, search, rescue and natural disasters on land, at sea, or in the air. Additionally, Iceland‘s child protection officers can be reached through 112.


The emergency dispatchers are on duty around-the-clock, all year around. When you dial 112 they respond at once and immediately send the appropriate assistance.


The role of Emergency Alert 112 is to provide a friendly, efficient and reliable service.


112 can be reached anywhere in Iceland, from any telephone, by voice or by SMS.





Neyðarlínan ohf. - Skógarhlíð 14 - 105 Reykjavík - kt. 511095-2559 - sími 570 2000 - fax 570 2001 - neydarlinan(hjá)
Varðstofa 112 - fax varðstofu 570 2031 - tölvupóstur varðstofu vakt112(hjá)