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Domestic servitude

When someone forces another person to do things that are not part of their job, it is called domestic servitude and is one of the human trafficking manifestations.

Labor exploitation

Labor exploitation is when a person is exploited without getting the rights and wages she has the rights to according to law. The perpetrator uses deceit and threats to maintain the situation.

Sexual exploitation

Sexual exploitation is when a person benefits from selling access to another person's body.

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Forced crime

When someone forces you to commit a crime to benefit from it themselves, it is human trafficking.

Forced marriage

When somebody forces a person to marry to benefit from it themselves, for example, to gain a residential permit or citizenship, it is human trafficking and is called forced marriage.

Child soldiers

Child soldiers are when children are brainwashed and trained to become soldiers in war-ridden areas, most often where poverty and chaos dominate.

Organ harvesting

Organs can be a currency when exploiting a person. Organ harvesting is when one or more organs are removed by surgery to sell illegally in organized crime.


Begging is when someone forces another person to beg for money in public for their own benefit. Begging is a form of human trafficking.

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Bella enjoys taking care of the children but doesn't have the courage to say no when she is also made working as a servant, inside the home, and for friends of the family. She only gets half of the pocket money she is supposed to get according to the au-pair contract. When Bella finds the courage to speak up about it, the family threatens to terminate her contract and have her sent back home if she makes a big deal out of this.

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