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Organs harvesting can be a currency to exploit a person. Most often kidneys and livers are removed from people’s bodies, to sell illegally in organized crime.

Complicated circumstances can lead to the harvesting of organs. For example, when an ill person is being nursed and operated on, regardless of whether an operation was necessary, and an organ removed without the knowledge of the person. A person can also agree to sell an organ but doesn’t get a full price after the operation, or no pay.


The police in Iceland help people who have suffered abuse of any kind. Police see abuse in close relationships as a very serious matter.

Stop The Traffik: Iceland

Stop The Traffik: Iceland is an independent organization working towards educating human trafficking victims and the public about the nature of human trafficking, symptoms, and resources.


The Red Cross Helpline 1717 is a dedicated phone and webchat for those who need someone to talk to in confidentiality. They are open 24 hours, and it's free to call.