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Support and Self-help Groups

Drekaslóð offers both individual and group counseling to those who have experienced abuse. The counseling is both for people starting to seek support and those who have received prior counseling. If you have been bullied, you can come to Drekaslóð for support. The first counseling session is free of cost and all sessions after that cost 2000 kr.

There is an elevator in the building so there is access for people using wheelchairs. Drekaslóð does not pay for sign language interpretation for the hearing impaired.

Drekaslóð is located at Borgartún 3 on the second floor and the telephone number is 551 5511 or 860 3358. You can view their website for further information or send an email to

Drekaslóð assists all people who have experienced abuse and their relatives. They will take good care of you.

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Hús Aflins á Akureyri

Aflið in Akureyri

Aflið assists people who have suffered any form of abuse.


Bjarkarhlíð is a center for people who have experienced abuse. There you get all the support and counseling you need in one place. All assistance is on your terms.

Women's Shelter in Reykjavík

The Women‘s Shelter offers counseling and a safe place to stay for any woman who has experienced abuse.