112 aðstoðar í neyð

Call 1-1-2 when in need of assistance

Call 112 in case of an emergency or click on the online chat for 112 to start a conversation with an emergency operator

112 aðstoðar í neyð

Hringdu í neyð í 1 1 2 eða smelltu á Netspjall 112 til að hefja samtal við neyðarvörð.

112 pomaga w potrzebie

Zadzwoń pod numer 112 lub kliknij Czat 112, aby rozpocząć połączenie alarmowe

Manneska situr á hnjánum á gólfinu. Hún er leið á svip, með lokuð augun og höfuðið lítur niður til jarðar.

What is abuse and what can be done about it?

It is helpful to prepare ahead for a 1-1-2 conversation

Manneskja lítur í gegnum stóran sjónauka. Hún horfir yfir hægri öxlina á okkur.

What process kicks in when I decide to press charges against my perpetrator?

Kona dregur frá gluggatjöldum

Where can you go to get help?

112 appið sýnt á farsíma. Tveir símar, annar sýnir valmyndina og hinn sýnir netspjall við neyðarvörð.

112 Iceland app

112 Iceland app is designed to speed information transfer in case of emergency but is also useful for anyone who might have difficulty in calling for assistance or in describing the situation because of the situation they are in or have difficulty communicating verbally for some other reason.

Do you recognise violence and abuse?

It can often be difficult to distinguish between bad communication and abuse. Read the stories and answer what you think is abuse.

Kona heldur um gagnaugun

112 in numbers

The National Emergency Number 112 is on call 24 hours all year round. Calls and messages come in through the telephone, the app, text message (SMS) or the web chat.

There are many tasks in progress at all times. In addition to requests which require the response of emergency operators and dispatchers, there are emergency calls from Tetra, SafeTravel or Search and Rescue teams and Civil Protection services.

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