Abuse must not be a secret

It is very important to tell someone when abuse takes place. This way, those who are abused can be helped. Even those who are injuring and hurting can receive help.

If you are abused or know a child or a teenager who is abused, it is best to talk to an adult whom you trust about it, such as your parents. If that doesn’t work, then you can talk to someone at school, such as your teacher or nurse.

Unnar and Katrín, who are police officers, explain what abuse is, how help can be obtained and what happens.

What is abuse?

In this video Ævar Þór (actor and writer) explains what abuse is, shows examples of abuse and how help can be obtained. If you, or someone you know, has been abused it is always best to tell about it to get help.

It's better to talk about things than staying silent - English subtitles auto-generated


Abuse is about controlling, intimidating and humiliating the other person to gain dominance and maintain control. Abuse takes place regardless of gender, age, sexual orientation or anything else. Abuse is never alright.


Abuse is when someone hurts you or makes you feel bad. It is never alright to be abusive. You can always get help.

Education for the youngest children

It is good to discuss with the children which behaviour is alright and which is not. Here is material to show children at the age of 4-9 about bullying and abuse.

Manneskja heldur um gagnaugun og yfir henni vofir regnský. Hún er leið á svipinn.  Önnur manneskja heldur regnhlíf yfir höfði hennar til að skýla henni fyrir regninu.

Children's welfare

Children have right for care and protection against violence and that is the responsibility of their grown ups.

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