Merki Heilsuveru

Information and advice on health issues

Nurses are on call 24/7 if you call 1700 and every day on the Heilsuvera webchat from 8am to 10 pm.
Merki Hjálparsíma Rauða Krossins 17 17

The Red Cross helpline

No issue is too small or big. Total confidentiality. Open 24/7. You can call 1717 or use the webchat. Ekkert mál er of lítið eða stórt.

Suspicion of toxins?

The national hospital (Landspítali) runs a toxicology center that gives information and advice on response and treatment when there is a suspicion of consumption of toxins of poisons. Please keep handy: The name of the toxin or drug, best if you have the wrapping, when the incident happened, age, weight of the person involved.

Dental emergency

Open 24/7. You have to book an appointment beforehand by calling 567-0707 or emailing tannhjalp@tannhjalp.is. No fee for examination.


Merki Vegagerðarinnar

Information about road conditions and traffic

The Icelandic Road and Coastal Administration (Vegagerðin) gives information about road conditions and traffic 24/7 by phone (call 1770) or online at Umferðin.is

Car trouble

If you are experiencing issues with your car or some car is blocking your passage you can call a tow truck. The tow truck comes a the care owner's expense.
Mynd af íslenskri bílnúmeraplötu

Car parked in private spot or blocking passage

You can find out who a vehicle owner is by looking the licence plate up with Icelandic Transport Authority (Samgöngustofa) - you need your eID to log in. You can also contact a tow truck to remove the vehicle at the owners expense.

Roadside Assistance

The Icelandic Automobile Association (FíB) gives its members roadside assistance (call 5112112) and N1 gives road side assistance in the capital area (call 6603350). Some of the insurance companies also give their customers road side assistance (Sjóvá 4402222, VÍS 5605000). You can also call tow truck companies or the service provider 24 road assistance.

Car crash

When a car crash happens where no people are injured the drivers can fill out an accident report themselves on site. If you do not have an accident report in your vehicle you can do that onlin with Árekstur.is. They also provide assistance on site if needed in the capital area.

Abandoned car

Abandoned cars, meaning cars that have not been attended to for a long time, can be reported to the public health authority of your municipality (sveitarfélag).

Police business - Not immediate attention

Merki Lögreglunnar

Petty theft or minor violations

If you have information about minor violations or petty theft that need to be reported to the police you can send in a report on the police website or contact your local police station during working hours
Merki Lögreglunnar

Ongoing police cases

If you need information about a case that is ongoing at the police it is best to call your local police station during working hours.
Merki Lögreglunnar

Hotline for drug violations

The police accepts anonymous tips for drug violations 24/7.

Child protection issues

Tveir strákar, ca 9 og 5 ára, brosandi að leika sér úti. Sá yngri í forgrunni klæddur bláaum stuttermabol horfir til vinstri út úr myndinni. Sá eldri úr fókus í bakgrunni klæddur grænum bol lítur niður á leikföngin sem hann er að leika sér að.

Child protection services

Reports to child protection services are best made directly to your local child protection authority in your area. If you don't know where to call or a child is in need of immediate help, call 112.

Unsupervised children

According to Icelandic children protection law, children under the age of 12 cannot be outside unsupervised after 8pm. Children of the ages of 13 to 16 cannot be outside unsupervised after 10pm. In the summer (between May 1 and September 1) this is extended by 2 hours (10 pm and 12 pm respectively).


Veterinarian emergency humber

Independent vets are on call outside working hours, from 5pm to 8am and through holidays and weekends. In the capital area they can be reached at 5304888. For other parts of the country the phonenumber can be found here.

Hurt or deceased animal

In the capital area you can contact Animal services (call 8227820) or Reykjavik pest control (call 6939620)

Mistreatment of animals

Reports of mistreatment of animals should be directed to the Icelandic Food and Veterinary Authority (MAST) or the local police.

Common issues


If you have locked yourself out and no one is in danger your best option is to call a locksmith. If you believe someone is in danger of getting hurt, call 112.


You can get all sorts of information with Já (call 1818 - www.ja.is) and 1819 (call 1819 - www.1819.is). For example about phone numbers, addresses, opening hours and directions.