Civil Protection Agency (Almannavarnir) has declared a Danger Phase due to a seismic event on Reykjanes.

Risk level has been lowered from emergency to danger level from 23th of November 2023 in Grindavík due to the seismic activity in Reykjanes peninsula.

Frequently asked questions

Is there a place for Grindavík inhabitants?

The Service center at Tollhúsið in Reykjavík is open on weekdays from 10-18. You can get all the support you need in one place; access to social support, employment opportunities and advice about insurance and compensation. There's also a place for children while you seek the support you need.
Merki lögreglunnar.

Sign up here if you need to access your house to get your belongings

Civil Protection has created a sign-up sheet for those who need to return to their houses to get their belongings. Sign up here and you will be allocated a time if/when circumstances allow.

Is the municipality of Grindavík still operating?

The municipality is still operating from another location, despite the evacuation on November 10th. The municipality website is updated regularly regarding the Emergency Phase, accessibility and services for those in need. The website is in Icelandic, but information in English and Polish are published regularly.
Merki Almannavarna

Where do I get the latest information available?

The Civic Protection Department co-ordinates operations in Reykjanes peninsula. All response teams are informed with the newest information as soon as they appear. You can also sign up for the Civic Protection Department mailing list for the latest information.

How should I tell the children about the situation?

It is most recommended to give children the opportunity to ask what comes first to mind, in their time. For us grown-ups, it can be helpful show that we are calm, but also to admit if we don't have all the answers. Let us show them warmth and safety and spend a good amount of time with them.

Where do I find information about insurance & compensation for my home?

All homes in Iceland are insured against natural catastrophe through the Icelandic Natural Disaster Fund. You do not have to apply for compensation at this time, not until the Level of Danger is withdrawn. Here you can read about what to do and at what time - please note: the latest information on the Disaster Fund can be found here - in Icelandic but an English translation is expected soon.
Merki Rauða Kross Íslands

Where do I get support if I had to evacuate my home in Grindavík?

The Red Cross is in charge of supporting the inhabitants of Grindavík who need shelter. They also provide information on available housing in nearby areas.
Merki hjálparsíma Rauða krossins með orðunum ókeypis, trúnaður og alltaf opið.

How should I report myself safe after evacuating?

You can report yourself and those with you by calling the Red Cross helpline, 1717 or start a webchat with 1717. If you can also report yourself safe if you are seeking shelter in a mass care shelter. It is important to report your whereabouts to ensure the safety of all the inhabitants of Grindavík.

What to do if I couldn't find my pet during the evacuation?

People have had very little time to gather their belongings and their pets after the evacuation and still there are some pets who haven't been found yet. Here you can seek information on whether someone has found a stray pet in the Facebook group Pets in Grindavík.

Þorbjörn - The search & rescue department of Grindavík

Search & Rescue is there in need and are assisting inhabitants to collect their belongings, insure road safety and access control, in co-operation with the police. The first information from Search & Rescue will appear on their Facebook site. Remember to support each other and let's make sure our friends and neighbours are also updated.
Merki Rúv

How are news operated during a Level of Danger?

RÚV - the Icelandic National Broadcasting Service has a security duty during an Emergency Phase. That means repeated news on the latest updates on all of RÚV's mediums: News on the hour 24 hours a day at Rás 2, live updated news on and dedicating the majority of TV news hour to the latest news, which are also reported in English and Polish. Here's a link to a radio show in English about the latest events in Grindavík.

Information portal on for inhabitants of Grindavík

Now at there is a new portal for important information for Grindavík inhabitants. There you'll find useful forms, information about kindergarten and school plans, assistance for companies and more. The portal is ever-changing and is updated as soon as new resources are available.

Advice for tenants who evacuated their house in Grindavík

Tenants will have to contact their landlord to negotiate the continuation of the leasing. The Consumer Protection Agency assists tenants with rent-related issues and they also provide more information on rights and duties of tenants on their website. Here you can request assistance by filling out this form below.