Neyðarlínan’s obligations

  • That managers set a good precedent in all communication.
  • That managers clearly communicate to staff that bullying is not tolerated in the workplace.
  • To inform and educate staff on the causes and consequences of bullying and harassment and the rules that apply to such behaviour in the workplace.
  • To work toward prevention and try to prevent situations from forming that could lead to inappropriate behaviour or bullying.
  • To work toward a positive workplace atmosphere and workplace culture that is based on good communication, respect, and tolerance towards human diversity.
  • To invite staff who think they have experienced bullying to seek help from professionals such as a psychologist or doctor to discuss the issue and confirm their condition.
  • To have a clear procedure on the handling of cases involving bullying, sexual harassment, and abuse.
  • That managers offer one-on-one meetings with staff at least once per year where these issues are discussed.
  • To have regular meetings with staff where internal issues can be discussed.

Obligations of Neyðarlínan staff

  • To treat everyone with consideration and abide by the workplace code of conduct and equality policy.
  • To contribute to stopping undesirable behaviour that can lead to bullying, for example by trying to solve disagreements and problems that arise in communication and commenting on inappropriate language or behaviour.
  • To show support to those who are treated unfairly and not participate in negative discussions about colleagues.
  • To inform a manager or union representative if they think they have experienced harassment, bullying, or abuse.
  • To inform a manager if there is suspicion of bullying, harassment, abuse, or discomfort in the workplace.

Neyðarlínan’s response plan

1. A manager is obligated to respond as quickly as possible to all complaints of harassment, bullying, or abuse, and show fairness and impartiality when handling sensitive issues.

2. The issue shall be discussed with victims and perpetrators before action is taken. Staff members shall receive guidance on psychological services if they think they require them.

3. A resolution shall be sought when possible and an attempt should be made to solve the problem in an informal way before resorting to formal measures. The managers of the relevant staff members will be notified.

4. If there is reason to, an impartial party will be brought in to assess the situation and see to finding a solution.

5. If the incident is considered serious, it will be reported to the police, but only with the consent of the victim.

6. Serious and repeated harassment and bullying can result in a warning or dismissal by the employer. 

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