Skipasjá shows Icelandic ships on the ocean around Iceland and the data is updated in real time by the Icelandic Maritime Service. Skipasjá is user-friendly and accessible on a website from anywhere. Login is through electronic ID.

It is possible to access Skipasjá by becoming a subscriber through 112. Each subscription provides access to up to five people. In order to subscribe, the subscriber signs a contract that lays out the cost of the subscription and other terms of use.

The subscriber fills in the name and kennitala (Icelandic ID number) of the buyer. Once filled out and signed, the contract can be sent to skipasja[at] or by mail to Neyðarlínan, Skógarhlíð 14, 105 Reykjavík. The Icelandic ID numbers (kennitala) of the individuals who are to receive access to the Skipasjá should be sent along with the contract.

Skipasjá subscription contract

More information for sailors

Icelandic Maritime Traffic Service

Services and ensures the safety of ships that sail in the Icelandic exclusive economic zone (EEZ).
Loftmynd af firði og háum fjöllum í kring. Snjór efsti í fjöllunum.


Navtex in an international communication standard that transmits information at sea in the form of printed messages.
Maður að vinnu í fjarskiptamastri. Ljósmyndari stendur í mastrinu fyrir ofan hann og lítur niður. Þeir eru báðir mjög hátt uppi í mastrinu.

Port stations in Iceland

Call signs for all ports in Iceland