Manneskjan á myndinni er leið. Hún er með sítt hár, gleraugu, í rauðri peysu og dökkum buxum. Hún situr með lokuð augun. og heldur utan um hnén á sér með hægri höndinni en er eins og hún sé að teygja sig í áttina að einhverjum.


Fatima is a young, Iranian girl who moved to Iceland with her family a few years ago. She’s in the 8th grade at a school in the capital area and has lots of good friends in her class, both of Icelandic and foreign origin. For the last few weeks, Fatima has been walking home with her classmate Jóhann, which is fun because he’s funny, entertaining, and smart. Fatima’s brother doesn’t like their friendship and gives Jóhann the evil eye every time they meet. A little while later, he tackles Jóhann somewhat roughly while they’re playing sports, but Jóhann doesn’t make a big deal out of it. One evening, Fatima and Jóhann run into each other at the corner store and have a long talk. The day before summer vacation her dad appears at school unexpectedly and takes her home. Summer passes with Fatima nowhere to be seen and when school starts again she doesn’t return.

Is this abuse?