Emergency operators

Emergency Operators are on call 24/7. At the guard post in Skógarhlíð, there is room for eight operators, but the number of operators on duty depends on the estimated load.

Being an emergency operators

1-1-2's emergency operators receive requests from the public 24 hours a day, every day of the year. They assist those that contact 1-1-2 to get the appropriate response by analysing the situation and sending appropriate responders on location.

What should I keep in mind when talking to an emergency responder?

Potentially only a second away from your worst experience

Elva has worked as an emergency operator for 23 years. A lot has changed since she started, many things were simpler at that time: people only called from a landline which made it much easier to locate incidents. For Elva, the worst thing about the job is never knowing what the next call contains. You can say that both the emergency operators and the callers are only one second away from potentially the worst experience of their life.

An indescribable experience

Þorbjörg works as a 112 Emergency Operator. Her first difficult call was already on her first day on the job when she had to help with CPR. Her favourite phone call is when she helped a man helping his wife giving birth. Þorbjörg enjoys coming home after work, knowing that she helped someone that day.

Unique Life Experience

The job of an emergency operator is to make sure that people are safe. Emergency operators support people during their worst times. Friðrik acknowledges that the job can be overwhelming but rewarding at the same time. Fortunately, Friðrik remembers best the cases that end well.

112 to the future

For the first time, you can use 112.is to find out if you are having an emergency. The website now contains guiding information for people in potential danger or live in an abusive environment. Another new feature is the 112 webchat where you can talk to an emergency operator online.

Domestic violence cases 

It’s always tough when witnesses of domestic violence call. Þorbjörg describes how emergency operators answer domestic violence calls and put them through to the police. Emergency operators also advice through people phone or webchat where to get assistance because of violence.

All kind of problems

“This is not an emergency but …” That’s how many calls Friðrik gets start even though they are emergencies. Others are minor but emergency operators always try their best to help people whatever the situation is.