This web page is part of the Guide to the Icelandic justice system for victims of sexual offences. It aims to clarify the process regarding offences against individuals 18 years and older.

Compensations for victims

The state pays compensation to victims of crime.

This is compensation for personal injury that is filed for in criminal cases. The compensation claim is sent to the state, to a fund often called the State Claims Fund (Bótasjóður ríkisins). A request is made for the fund to take on the responsibility of the compensation payment. The state then collects the compensation from the perpetrator. This way, the state acts as an intermediary, so that you don’t have to collect the compensation from the perpetrator.

Multiple conditions

The compensation must reach a certain minimum amount and you must have pressed charges for the offence within two years of when it occurred. There are more conditions for the payment of compensation that your legal rights protector can tell you about.

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