Neyðarlínan’s equal pay policy

Neyðarlínan’s equal pay policy shall ensure the fullest equality between genders and that the true value of each staff member is recognized within their job classification, irrespective of gender, age, or origin. Discrimination in any form is not permitted and will not be tolerated. The company’s policy is to prevent such injustice from occurring.

Neyðarlínan is obligated to comply with legal requirements and other requirements to which the company has agreed in relation to the principle that women and men shall be paid the same wages for the same work or work of equal value. Neyðarlínan’s equal pay policy and its goals shall be enforced and maintained with an annual review prior to the annual general meeting and the writing of the annual report. Should gender-based wage discrimination within job classifications come to light, it is to be corrected.

Neyðarlínan’s management shall have the goals of the equal pay policy in mind in all the company’s decisions on wages, whether concerning recruitment or changes to regular employees’ wages. This equal pay policy shall be presented to Neyðarlínan staff at a staff meeting. The equal pay policy shall be publicly available on the association’s website.

The Deputy CEO is responsible for equal pay matters and their implementation. The board of Neyðarlínan shall discuss the results of assessments of the equal pay policy and the results shall be mentioned in the association’s annual report.

More on the equal pay policy

  • Management should be aware that tasks can impact women and men differently.
  • The company encourages women and men to participate in jobs irrespective of gender.
  • Efforts shall be made to ensure that the corporate culture supports equality.
  • The company’s management supports gender equality and makes efforts to ensure that gender equality and human rights are respected in the company and that shall be reflected in the staffing policy.
  • All of Neyðarlínan’s staff are responsible for the implementation of this policy.
  • The quality manager has the role of pointing out Neyðarlínan’s gender equality policy, as well as helping and encouraging other staff to enforce it.
  • Deviations from the policy shall be reported to the quality manager.

The goals of Neyðarlínan’s gender equality policy

  • To prevent a gender-based wage gap. The company does not tolerate a gender wage gap and pays women and men equal pay for equal work.
  • The staffing policy and working procedures are free of gender discrimination.
  • The hiring processes do not discriminate based on gender.
  • All genders are ensured equal access to all continuing education and training offered by the company.
  • Women and men are given equal opportunity for formal and informal courses and networking.
  • People are shown respect in all the company’s marketing and promotional materials.
  • It is ensured that the company’s products, services, and facilities will not be used for human trafficking, forced labour, or sexual abuse.
  • Efforts shall be made to even the gender ratio within Neyðarlínan’s management team.

Means of implementation

  • Equal pay certification shall be maintained.
  • The company shall conduct regular training on gender equality issues.
  • Care will always be taken to ensure that the committees and boards that Neyðarlínan has access to and governs contain the most even gender ratio possible.