In collaboration with the National Association of Summer House Owners (Landssamband sumarhúsaeigenda) and Registers Iceland, 112 has initiated the installation of safety marking with the registration number of the property on all summer houses in the country. The National Association of Summer House Owners has managed this project since 2002. Article 9.8.7. of the Building Code 112/2012 stipulates that the identification of the location of summer houses, mountain cabins, ski cabins, hunting and fishing lodges, and other such buildings that may be provided to 112 shall be posted outdoors on an exterior wall.

The purpose of the signs is to increase the safety of summer house owners. There have been cases of emergencies where rescue operators have gone the wrong way due to unclear information on the location of the person who is seeking help. A safety number on a summer house can prevent the loss of valuable time in an emergency for the rescue team. Furthermore, third parties have a simple way to inform 112 of danger if the owner of the summer house is not present, so that they can be contacted.

These signs can be ordered through the National Association of Summer House Owners (Landssamband sumarhúsaeigenda) and sign making company SB Skiltagerð. To order a safety sign, you must provide the summer house owner’s name, kennitala (Icelandic ID number), address, post code, and phone number, along with the street name or registration number of the property. The registration number appears on the property tax payment slip and can also be found on the Registers Iceland website. Summer house owners receive two signs, one to attach to the outside of the house (30x10cm in size) and the other inside (15x5cm in size). The manufacturer ensures the safety number is registered in the 112 database.

National Association of Summer House Owners (Landssamband sumarhúsaeigenda)

Phone number for orders: (+354) 5813200