Does your child have questions about bullies or bullying? Lupi learns how to deal with a preschool bully with the help of his older Junior and their friends. Sometimes kids need to learn how to deal with scary situations on their own, and to learn how to find the courage to stand up to a playground.

Private parts

Everyone has their private parts, no one else is allowed to touch them.

A child is in control of its private parts. What underpants and swimsuits cover are private parts. It is allowed to say no if someone tries to violate the rule about private parts. If someone violates the rule about the private parts, the child must tell some adult, who it trusts, about it or call 112.

It is never the child’s fault if someone violates the rule about the private parts.

For older kids

Educational material for 10 to 12 years old children about healthy body image, bullying and abuse.