Touching and consent

People experience touch in different ways. Sometimes we want to be touched and sometimes we don’t. That’s why it is important to know that everyone consents to touching. It is also OK to change your mind.

Maybe you wanted a hug to start with and then you didn’t want a hug – it's OK to say that you don’t want it.

Maybe you didn’t want a hug to start with but then you wanted a hug after all – it’s OK to ask for a hug.

When you are older, the same applies to sex.

Self-respect and your body

Even though your body doesn’t necessarily look like the bodies seen on screens, it’s just as beautiful. TV and video games often exaggerate how people look and make it seem like we’re all the same. Pornography is the most exaggerated version of all and is not at all like sex.

Setting boundaries

Setting boundaries is letting others know what you want and don’t want. You’ll always feel best if you stand up for yourself.

A short video about appearance, role models, abuse, and setting boundaries

Stattu með þér - in Icelandic

How does social media work?

Apps that are used to talk to others are called social media. You should really be at least 13 years old to use these apps but sometimes children get permission from their parents to start earlier. There is a good reason for the age limit, though. Online communication can be easily misunderstood, sometimes it is used to bully others, and sometimes things appear on it that children shouldn’t see.

Students at Víðistaðaskóli in Hafnarfjörður talk about how they use and experience different kinds of social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The same advice applies to Snapchat and TikTok.

Kids and social media - in Icelandic

Digital sexual abuse

Taking or sending sexual photos or videos of children is illegal.

Manneskja situr flötum beinum á gólfinu með annan fótinn krossaðan yfir. Hún er leið á svip og með lokuð augun. Hún er með dökkt sítt hár, er í blárri peysu, dökkum buxum og brúnum skóm. Hún heldur hægri hendinni upp að eyranu en heldur farsímannum upp fyrir framan sig í vinstri hendinni.