Sexual abuse online and on smartphones

The body parts in the middle of your body that are related to sex and having children are called genitals. They are nothing to be ashamed of, but we still don’t want to show them to just anyone. They are our private parts

  • Taking sexual photos of children under 15 is not allowed.
  • Sending anyone under 15 a photo of genitals is not allowed.
  • Sending a picture of genitals is never allowed unless consent has been given, even between two adults.
  • Adults are not allowed to send children sexual text messages.
  • Sharing sexual photos of others or threatening to do so is not allowed.

All of this is illegal and should not happen.

Get help

It is always better to tell someone if you have experienced abuse, no matter how long ago it was. It is best to talk to an adult, like your parents or a teacher. You can also get help in the webchat Sjúkt spjall.

Tip line

If you see something online that you feel bad about and you want to get help with you can report it to the Barnaheill tip line.

What should I do if someone asks me for a nude photo?

Sexan - Nude pic (in Icelandic)


It could happen that an adult pretends to be a teenager online to get a child to do something sexual, such as sending a nude photo of themselves. Sometimes they offer gifts or money in return or give a lot of compliments. That is called grooming and is illegal.

What is grooming?

Sexan - What is grooming? (in Icelandic)

Have you experienced something uncomfortable online?

Online harassment can include receiving mean messages, or that sexual messages or personal photographs are shared without your permission. Here is advice for children who have experience online harassment.

Hönd heldur um síma með mynd af strák og hjörtu fljúga upp

Sexual abuse

Sexual abuse is when someone wants to touch you in private areas or make someone touch them and keep it secret.

Manneskja heldur fyrir augun. Hún snýr að okkur og mikið liðað hár sveiflast til hægri í vindinum.