How should you answer when someone sends or asks for a nude photo?

Has someone sent you a sexual photo of themselves that you didn’t ask for? Or asked you to send a sexual photo of yourself, but you don’t want to? It can be very uncomfortable and hard to know how to respond.

Just remember that you are not to blame. One thing you can do is to let the person know that this is digital sexual abuse and may be illegal.

Are you under 18?

  • Sending a nude photo to someone under 15 years old is illegal.
  • Asking for a nude photo from a person under 18 years old is illegal.

Sexual content can only be shared with consent

  • Sending an unsolicited sexual photo is illegal.
  • Circulating a sexual photo without permission is illegal.
  • Threatening to circulate a sexual photo without permission is illegal.

Digital sexual abuse

When someone takes or shares a sexual photo of you without permission, that is digital sexual abuse. It is also illegal to threaten to circulate a nude photo or to send an unsolicited nude photo.

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