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Sexual abuse

Sexual abuse is when someone touches you inappropriately or sexually or forces you to perform a sexual act against your will. Sexual harassment with words or action is also abuse.


Nobody has the right to force another person to do something sexual against their will. Having sex with another person without consent is rape.

Sexual harassment

Sexual harassment is when someone oversteps sexual boundaries.

Manneskja horfir á símann sinn sem sýnir ólæsileg skilaboð. Hún snýr baki í okkur svo við sjáum á símann í höndunum á henni. Mikið liðað hár sveiflast í vindinum.

Digital abuse

Digital abuse is when someone uses technology or technological devices to monitor, harass, threaten, or humiliate you.


When an older person uses deceit or gifts to groom a teenager or a vulnerable person to perform sexual acts, it is called grooming. Grooming is abuse and is illegal.


Spiking is when someone gives another person a drink, medicine or drugs that have been spiked.