Do you have a problem?

Many people liken their use of illegal footage to an addiction that is difficult to stop. To get a better idea of ​​your situation, take a look at the following points and check if any are relevant to you.

  • Have developed stamina. You need more and new pictures.
  • Spend more time browsing than you intended. Time disappears when you are online.
  • Withdrawal symptoms. You feel negative emotions when you are not browsing.
  • Control difficulties. You've tried to stop viewing content but always start again.
  • Making effort. You delete search history and find a place and time to be alone to browse.
  • Ignoring habits and projects. You've stopped tending to projects to view content, for example, decrease spending time with family, friends or hobbies.
  • Ignoring negative impact. You view content without thinking about how much it costs you, for example, staying up late to be online or diminishing feelings of guilt, shame, or fear of arrest.

If you have checked:

  • 2-3 points there is an indication that the behaviour is winding up or escalating.
  • 4-5 items there is a clear problem going on.
  • 6-7 items mean there is a serious problem that is important to intervene.

If you have checked any of the points above, we encourage you to contact Taktu skrefið.

Illegal online behaviour

If you’re concerned about viewing sexual images of children or having sexual conversations with those under 16, we can help you stop and change your behaviour for good.