Child soldiers in war-ridden areas

Child soldiers are when children are used as weapons in warfare. This is most common in Asia and parts of Africa where poverty and chaos dominate. Children are manipulated, brainwashed and trained to become soldiers or informants.

Children are chosen because they have a lesser understanding of danger and they are easier to manipulate than adults. Poverty, difficult family circumstances, or civil war make children more likely victims. The children often see this as a way out of those circumstances.

Organ trafficking

Organ Trafficking refers to the illegal handling of organs. For example, selling an organ for profit or advertising the willingness to buy or sell an organ. About 10% of all transplants are believed to be illegal transplants. When someone travels abroad to pay for and receive an organ, it is called "Transplant Tourism".

Trafficking in Persons for Organ Removal is when a person of vulnerability is exploited, deceived, coerced, or abused for the illegal use of their organ. This is often refugees, migrants, and asylum seekers. They may be uneducated and told lies about organs growing back, that they have 3 of them, and so on.

The victims are promised large payments but may be paid less or nothing at all. Even though people get paid for their organ they are still the victim, not committing a crime, because their vulnerability is being exploited.

Kidneys are the most common on the “organ market,” followed by livers and corneas. Emerging markets exist for human eggs, skin, human embryos, and blood plasma.

Organ Trafficking happens world wide but is most common in North Africa and the Middle East. This is mostly in countries with fewer regulations are fewer regulations. That is how the traffickers can build criminal networks coordinating with corrupt medical professionals, hospital administrators, laboratory staff, drivers, translators, and law enforcement.

Child abuse

Child abuse has long-term and serious consequences, far into adulthood. It is always important to stop the abuse as quickly as possible and come to the children’s aid.

Manneskja heldur fyrir augun. Hún snýr að okkur og mikið liðað hár sveiflast til hægri í vindinum.

Forced crime

When someone forces you to commit a crime to benefit from it themselves, it is human trafficking.