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Begging is a version of domestic servitude. Begging can be human trafficking when:

  • Someone makes you beg, in public or crowded places.
  • You don’t receive all the money you’ve been given for your begging.
  • Somebody hurts you or threatens you if you don’t give them the full amount.
  • Somebody hurts you or threatens you if you refuse to beg for them.
  • Somebody injured you so you look like you need medical help, to increase the chance of getting money from passers-by.

Reykjavík City Service Centres

Reykjavík City Service Centres offer social- and family counselling for children and families. There you can get support due to abuse.

Multicultural and Information Centre

Immigrants in Iceland can get information about their rights and obligations at the Multicultural Centre.

New in Iceland

If you have recently moved to Iceland or are still adjusting and have any questions, you can contact the consultation service New in Iceland.