With the Enjoy Yourselves Campaign, 112 aims to encourage people to pay attention to their surroundings, encourage safe communication, respect boundaries and ask for help if someone is in need of help. By being aware of our surroundings we can help create a safe environment where everyone enjoys themselves and gets home safe.

Enjoy Yourselves is a collaborative project between the National Commissioner’s Office, 112 and the Ministry of Justice - encouraging awareness and safety when we meet up this summer. The goal is to emphasize the role of 112 as the only emergency number in Iceland and encourage the public to stand in solidarity against any kind of violence.

Don't be that guy

Awareness campaign for men on sexual violence and how to respect boundaries.

Sexual harassment

Sexual harassment is when someone oversteps sexual boundaries.

Sexual abuse

Sexual abuse is when someone touches you inappropriately or sexually, or forces you to perform a sexual act against your will. Sexual harassment with words or action is also abuse.


Nobody has the right to force another person to do something sexual against their will. Having sex with another person without consent is rape.

Be alert

Going out without having to worry about our safety is important. Let's keep an eye out for when we see someone crossing boundaries or harassing another person.