With the Enjoy Yourselves Campaign, 112 aims to encourage people to pay attention to their surroundings, encourage safe communication, respect boundaries and ask for help if someone is in need of help. By being aware of our surroundings we can help create a safe environment where everyone enjoys themselves and gets home safe.

Enjoy Yourselves is a collaborative project between the National Commissioner’s Office, 112 and the Ministry of Justice - encouraging awareness and safety when we meet up this summer. The goal is to emphasize the role of 112 as the only emergency number in Iceland and encourage the public to stand in solidarity against any kind of violence.

What can you do if you witness harassment or abuse?

Thinking ahead is useful so that you are prepared if the moment arises.

Sexual harassment

Sexual harassment is when someone oversteps sexual boundaries.

Sexual abuse

Sexual abuse is when someone touches you inappropriately or sexually, or forces you to perform a sexual act against your will. Sexual harassment with words or action is also abuse.

Preventing sexual abuse

Sex needs to build on respect and good communication where the desires of both parties is respected. Respecting boundaries is fundamental to healthy communication.

Manneskja styður höndum á gagnaugun. Henni líður greinilega illa. Eldingar eru teiknaðar hjá höfðinu.

Teenage fights

Bullying and rough physical fights have serious and lifelong consequences.

Manneskja heldur um gagnaugun og yfir henni vofir regnský. Hún er leið á svipinn.  Önnur manneskja heldur regnhlíf yfir höfði hennar til að skýla henni fyrir regninu.

Advice for parents to prevent youth violence

Parents and other people involved in the lives of children and young people can reduce the likelihood that they will use or experience violence.

Preventing violent behavior

We have only one way of preventing violence and abuse, that is stopping violent and abusive behavior.