Stopping violent behavior.

People commit violence for many different reasons. The repercussions are serious. You can get help to change your behaviour.

Preventing sexual abuse

Sex needs to build on respect and good communication where the longing of both parties is respected. Respecting boundaries is a basic element of healthy communication.
Manneskja situr við fartölvu en heldur höndunum fyrir andlitið.

Illegal online sexual behaviour

If you’re concerned about viewing sexual images of children or having sexual conversations with those under 18, help is at hand to change your behavior for good.

Taktu skrefið

Taktu skrefið (Take the step) is a group of psychologists that help people that are worried about their sexual behaviour or have sexually abused someone.

How do I respond to nudes pictures?

Do you need a good reply when someone asks you for a nude photo? Or when someone sends you an unwanted nude photo? Below are ideas for simple and strong messages you can send back.

What should I do if....

...I witness harassment or potentially violent behavior? Thinking about how to respond ahead of time helps you in the moment.

Do you recognize abuse?

Here are stories about people in various hard situations. It can often be difficult to distinguish between bad communication and abuse. Read the stories and answer what you think is abuse.