Bergið headspace supports and provides service for young people under 25 years old. It offers counselling and education which is adapted to each individual. No problem is too small or too big.

It can be accessed by wheelchairs. Counsellors speak Icelandic and English. You can have sign language interpretation and language interpretation if needed.

You can come to Bergið, call Bergið or request a chat with Bergið through their website. The web chat is open on workdays from 9 am to 5 pm. Outside opening hours you can send a message and you will receive a reply as quickly as possible.

Healthy relationships and sex

All relationships are different and it’s good to remember that no relationship is perfect. The most important thing is communication based on honesty and respect.

Maður í rauðri peysu leggur vinstri hönd á hjarta og teygir hægri hönd út

Teenage fights

Watching abuse happen and not doing anything about it is the same as participating in it.

Manneskja styður höndum á gagnaugun. Henni líður greinilega illa. Eldingar eru teiknaðar hjá höfðinu.