Together Against Sexual Abuse

Stígamót is an organisation that offers interviews and support groups for people who have been sexually abused. It doesn't matter if the abuse occurred long ago, you can always get help at Stígamót. They also provide counselling for families. All of their services are free.

At Stígamót, everyone is welcome regardless of gender, gender expression, sexual orientation, disability, your origin or race, economic background or residence status. You can talk to a counsellor in Icelandic, English or Scandinavian languages and choose between a male or a female counsellor. For other languages, they provide an interpreter and sign language interpreter. Their place is wheelchair accessible with an elevator.

Stígamót is located at Síðumúli 23. You can call 562 6868 or send an email to to book a time with a counsellor. You can also talk to a counsellor through their webchat (Netspjall). The office is open weekdays from 9 am - 6 pm except on Wednesdays when it is open from 1 pm - 6 pm. It is usually best to reach them early in the morning or around noon.

Stígamót helps people who have suffered sexual abuse. It doesn’t matter how long it has been since the abuse occurred.

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ER for Sexual Abuse

The Emergency Room for Sexual Abuse assists anyone who has been raped, experienced attempted rape or any other sexual abuse.

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Rights Protection Officer

Rights Protection Officer helps disabled or Deaf people and people with an impairment or long-term health condition. They help with everything to do with rights, finances, and personal issues.

Samtökin '78

Samtökin '78

Samtökin '78 is the National Queer Organisation of Iceland. They offer counseling for queer people who have experienced abuse in close relationships.

Consequences and Improved Wellbeing

People who have looked to Stígamót share their experiences regarding how they felt after being sexually abused and how seeking help supported them in feeling better today.

Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse is when someone touches you inappropriately or sexually or forces you to perform a sexual act against your will. Sexual harassment with words or action is also abuse.

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