Shelter and counseling for Women

The Women's Shelter is a house where women and their children can reside for a short period if they cannot live at home due to abuse or violence. If you have been subjected to abuse, you can come to the shelter for counseling; you do not have to reside in the shelter. It doesn't matter when the abuse occurred. There is no cost for speaking to a counselor.

The counselors speak English; you can also request to speak with a French or Spanish fluent counselor. For other languages, you can get an interpreter. You can also get a sign language interpreter if you need. The shelter is not wheelchair accessible, but if you use a wheelchair, you can book a meeting with them at Bjarmahlíð. If you need shelter, you will get a wheelchair accessible hotel room.

You can reach the Women’s Shelter for support around the clock, the phone number is 5611205. You can also send them an email to kvennaathvarf[hjá] All women are welcome: Icelandic, foreign, disabled, queer, trans or of any age (over 18).

The Women's Shelter in Akureyri offers counseling and a safe place to stay for women who experience abuse in a close relationship.

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Hús Aflins á Akureyri

Aflið in Akureyri

Aflið assists people who have suffered any form of abuse.

Women's Shelter

The Women‘s Shelter offers counseling and a safe place to stay for any woman who has experienced abuse in a close relationship.


The Red Cross Helpline 1717 is a phone service and webchat for those who need someone to talk to in confidentiality. They are open 24 hours, and it's free to call.

Emotional Abuse

Emotional abuse is when somebody continually mistreats you emotionally. It's also sometimes called psychological abuse. It is emotional abuse when someone threatens you or deliberately tries to scare, humiliate, isolate or ignore you.

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