This web page is part of the Guide to the Icelandic justice system for 15-17 year olds who have experienced sexual abuse.

Try to come as soon as possible

This is often the first step toward recovery. The emergency rooms for victims of sexual abuse are here:

Try to come as soon as possible. That’s the best thing for your health. It is also very important if the offence against you is investigated by police.

You can bring a friend or a relative for support. If you have a medical examination they will wait outside.

Why go to the emergency room?

Support, examination, and treatment

The staff works with you to evaluate what services you need and want. Some of the available services are:

  • An interview with a nurse in the emergency department.
  • A medical examination and treatment based on your needs.
  • A referral to a crisis team that helps you work through the emotional trauma.
  • A forensic examination. That means collecting data that can become evidence. Evidence is information that can be used in investigations and in court.

Things to know about the examination

The first 72 hours after the offence is committed are very important. That’s the best time for the police to collect data. The data are then used if you decide to press charges. They can be used in court to support your case, for example.

The data can be:

  • Biological samples. That means material from people that can provide biological information about them.
  • Data from the place where the offence was committed.
  • Clothing, contraceptive devices, period products and other things related to the incident. These are all data that can be useful to the police in their investigation.
  • Information about witnesses

Notifying child protection services (barnavernd)

If you go to the emergency room for victims of sexual abuse, the staff there is required to let Child Protection Services (Barnavernd) know that you have experienced sexual abuse.

Pressing charges at the ER

You can press criminal charges for the offence right away at the emergency room. In that case, you ask for police to come to the emergency room. You can also ask police to take you to the emergency room.

Don’t shower or bathe before going to the emergency room or health clinic. Don’t get rid of your clothing. Keep it on or bring it with you.

Your ER visit

Tvær manneskju í blómakrónu. Önnur er leið. Hin er ánægð. Þær teygja sig í áttina að hvor annarri. Á myndinni lítur út eins og þær muni haldast í hendur mjög fljótlega.

Your ER visit

Before you go to the Emergency Room for Sexual Abuse it can be good to know what to expect.

Who sees that I went to the ER?

The identity of everyone who goes to the ER for victims of sexual abuse remains anonymous. That applies to the entire process.


The medical examination itself is often short. The visit as a whole can take 2-4 hours but that depends on the services you receive.

It is important to press charges for the offence with police at the first opportunity, as it often proves more difficult to investigate an offence if a long time has passed.

Dealing with trauma

You health is the most important thing. Trauma can affect you in many different ways. It is good to seek help as soon as possible so you can understand how it is affecting you, but it is never too late.

At the emergency room, you can get a referral to a crisis team. You can also get a referral through a health clinic. Child protection services (barnavernd) provide you with therapy according to your needs.

Emergency care for sexual assault victims

The Emergency care for sexual assault assists anyone who has been raped, experienced attempted rape or any other sexual abuse.

Bygging Sjúkrahússins á Akureyri

Emergency care in Akureyri for sexual assault victims

The Emergency Care for Sexual Assault in Akureyri assists anyone who has been raped, experienced attempted rape or any other sexual abuse.

The Sick Love Chat

The Sick love chat is an anonymous chat for young people who seek advice about their relationships, communication or violence.