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Manneskja horfir á símann sinn sem sýnir ólæsileg skilaboð. Hún snýr baki í okkur svo við sjáum á símann í höndunum á henni. Mikið liðað hár sveiflast í vindinum.

Digital abuse

Digital abuse is when someone uses technology or technological devices to monitor, harass, threaten, or humiliate you.

Talk to your children about safe online communication

Online communication can be tricky and it is important to teach children ways to prevent digital abuse and teach them ways to deal with it if it happens.

Hönd heldur um síma með mynd af strák og hjörtu fljúga upp

Tips for young people about inappropriate online behaviour

Children and teenagers sometimes experience inappropriate behaviour online. That may be personal or sexual photos that are shared without permission or online bullying.

Do you recognize abuse?

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Andri was very happy when he swept right on the picture of Helga and found out that she was interested in him as well. They went to the same secondary school, Helga was a year older, popular and much prettier – in Andri’s opinion. They started chatting through the app and soon began flirting.

But now Andri feels really bad, Helga had asked him for a nude photo and intended to send one of herself back which she then never did. Helga sent the photo to her friends and now everyone is looking at Andri’s naked body. Helga thinks this is all funny and downplays Andri’s objections. She even posted their chat on Insta and everyone at the school has clicked like on it.

Is this abuse?


Bjarkarhlíð is a center for people who have experienced abuse. There you get all the support and counseling you need in one place. All assistance is on your terms.

Þrjár dökkhærðar stelpur sitja á grasi. Þær snúa baki í myndavélina og spjalla saman.

Save the Children

Save the Children offers consultation regarding the welfare of children. On their website, it is possible to report inappropriate online behaviour against children.

Taktu skrefið

Taktu skrefið (Take the step) is a group of psychologists that help people that are worried about their sexual behaviour or have sexually abused someone.