There are many types of abuse.

  • Emotional abuse is when someone uses bad words and threats to make others feel bad.
  • Physical abuse is when someone hurts another by slapping, kicking or throwing things at others.
  • Sexual abuse is when someone wants to touch you or make you touch them and keep it a secret.
  • Digital abuse or online abuse is when someone is abusive on the internet, for example with bad comments or sends you nude photos or asks you to send them nude photos of you.

It is never okay to be abusive and abuse must not be a secret.

Can you recognise abuse?

Read stories about people in various difficult situations and see if you can recognise abuse.

Kona situr með krosslagðar lappir

Get help

It's always best to tell someone how you feel. Here are available resources in Iceland if you need help, whether it is for yourself or someone you know.

Kona dregur frá gluggatjöldum

Enjoy yourselves this summer

We wish everyone to enjoy themselves this summer by partying responsibly and without violence.