What is bullying?

When the same person is teased repeatedly, that's called bullying.

Bullying can be:

  • kicking or pushing
  • stealing or damaging things
  • calling someone names, teasing them, or gossiping about them
  • ostracising someone from a friend group
  • making someone do something they don’t want to do
  • mean messages online

Bullying hurts people a lot. Watching and not doing anything is also participating in bullying. It is never OK to bully someone.

Tell an adult if you are bullied or know someone who has been bullied. You can always get help.

How to be a good human and not participate in bullying. Vanda Sig goes over a few things that help (in Icelandic).


What do you do online? (in Icelandic).

Don’t share videos of fights

If you see a video of bullying or fighting, don’t share it, like it or comment on it. Let a teacher or parent know right away.

Sexan - Youth fights (in Icelandic)

What should I do if I am bullied online or if someone shares pictures of me that I don’t want others to see?

Domestic violence

Domestic violence can happen in all kinds of families.

Manneskja í fjötrum. Hún er með lokuð augu og er leið á svipinn og heldur þétt utan um sig. Rauður þykkur borði er vafinn utan um hana.