The parental role begins immediately at the birth of a child and involves caring for the child, protecting, teaching it and providing guidance. The aim of good parenting is that the child becomes healthy, well adjusted, happy and has skills that benefit it in the future. Parental skills are however neither inherent nor do they come automatically; it takes time to acquire the necessary knowledge, proficiency and skill.

The Health Care (Heilsugæslan) offers the course Uppeldi sem virkar – færni til framtíðar (parenting that works – skills for the future) which is specifically developed for parents in Iceland. It is suitable for young children’s parents, up to 6-7 years old. The course is based on accredited studies and well-researched methods.

Parent's interest

Parents’ interest makes all the difference with regards to how our children are doing. It does not have to be complicated, just ask them about how they did today and showing interest in their hobbies and interests makes a big difference.

Collaboration between parents, teachers and pupils

One way to participate in parental activities is to volunteer as a class representative. Another way is to attend and actively participate in the events that take place in the school. This way the communication between parents becomes greater and better.

Fathers in parental activities

Guðmundur participates in parental activities to show interest and to show that he cares. To him, this is also a matter of equality. It is far too common for fathers not to make themselves available for parental activities.

Parent's stroll

Helga participates in the parental stroll even if her teenager is at home. This way she becomes acquainted with the environment teenagers are growing up in, knows better what happens in the neighbourhood and gets to know other parents.

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Parents' house

The Parents’ House (Foreldrahús) provides children, teenagers and parents with counselling regarding teenage alcohol- and drug use, risk behaviour and behavioural problems, among other things. Their phone number 581 1799 is open 24 hours.

Þrjár dökkhærðar stelpur sitja á grasi. Þær snúa baki í myndavélina og spjalla saman.

Save the Children

Save the Children (Barnaheill) offers consultation about the welfare of children. On their website, it is possible to report inappropriate online behaviour against children.

Healthcare Centres

At the Healthcare Centres, doctors, nurses, midwives and psychologist work to serve residents in that neighbourhood or municipality.

Education for the youngest children

It is good to discuss with the children which behaviour is alright and which is not. Here is material to show children at the age of 4-9 years old about bullying and abuse.

Manneskja heldur um gagnaugun og yfir henni vofir regnský. Hún er leið á svipinn.  Önnur manneskja heldur regnhlíf yfir höfði hennar til að skýla henni fyrir regninu.